Reps pass bill to establish specialised institute to tackle unemployment

Elizabeth AtimeOctober 27, 20232 min

Rep. Bungundu said the institute aims to offer a path to economic growth and diversification through education and skills development.

In a bid to address the alarming case of unemployment and economic diversification in the country, the House of Representatives has passed for second reading a bill to establish a special institute to tackle unemployment.

Sponsor of the Bill, Rep. Abdulmalik Zubairu Bungudu (APC, Zamfara) said it is aimed at amending the Federal Polytechnic (Establishment) Act to focus primarily on technology and entrepreneurship.

He added that the proposed amendment seeks to establish the Federal Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship in Bungudu, Zamfara State, with the primary goal of providing comprehensive education in sciences, skills, arts, and technical knowledge.

According to him, “The proposed legislation, tagged HB 497, would introduce a new paragraph (q) into the first schedule of the Federal Polytechnics (Establishment) Act.

“This addition outlines the establishment of the ‘Federal Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship Bungudu, Zamfara State.’ The institute’s mission is to identify and address the critical challenges faced by Nigeria in the domains of technology and entrepreneurship, thus contributing to the nation’s overall economic development.”

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Bugundu emphasised the importance of equipping Nigerian youths with the necessary knowledge and skills in technology and entrepreneurship, adding that the government alone cannot provide jobs for all the country’s youth, as such, they need to be empowered to create job opportunities and foster economic growth is crucial.

Further, the lawmaker highlighted the economic situation in Zamfara State noting that, “farming is the primary source of income for most households, has been severely impacted by banditry and insecurity. He pointed out that “over 80% of farms in the state remain uncultivated due to these challenges, leaving many households struggling to meet basic needs.

“The Federal Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship, if established, could provide individuals with the necessary skills for technological innovations and entrepreneurship. This, in turn, would open avenues for local and international businesses, fostering economic diversification and addressing the pressing need for job creation and reduction of unemployment in the country.”

The proposed institute, he argued, represents a crucial step in enabling the nation’s youth to create jobs, thereby mitigating unemployment and its associated consequences.

“The bill aims to offer a path to economic growth and diversification through education and skills development,” he submitted.

In his contribution, Rep. Isah Mohammed (APC, Niger) said the bill was apt because of the high unemployment rate in the country.

“This is a bill that recognises the importance of specialized institutions when it comes to specialization in any field. It will surely reduce the area of unemployment.”



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