IDGC 2023: Lawan advocates for girl-child empowerment

Sharon EboesomiOctober 11, 20232 min

Senator Lawan said the girl-child deserves to grow in a world that supports, nurtures her dreams, and enables her to reach her full potential without barriers or discrimination.

The lawmaker representing Yobe North Senatorial District, Senator Ahmad Lawan, has advocated for the empowerment of young girls in order to alleviate poverty and boost the development and progress of the country.

Lawan averred that in order for Nigerian girls to achieve their goals, they will require the full support of society.

According to him, this can be achieved by educating them, which automatically gives them a platform to be strong advocates of social change, thereby putting an end to the cycle of poverty.

In a statement signed by his Media Adviser, Ezrel Tabiowo, on Wednesday, in commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child, the former Senate President also called for increased investment in girls’ education.

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“Today, we celebrate the incredible strength, resilience, and potential of girls all around the world. It is a day to recognize the importance of empowering girls and ensuring they have equal access to education, healthcare, and opportunities.

“Girls are our society’s future leaders, change-makers, and innovators. They deserve to grow up in a world that supports and nurtures their dreams, enabling them to reach their full potential without barriers or discrimination.

“On this day, let us commit ourselves to championing gender equality and dismantling the harmful stereotypes that hold girls back. Let us encourage their ambitions, nurture their talents, and give them the tools they need to shine.

“By investing in girls’ education, we not only empower individuals but also boost the development and progress of Nigeria. When girls are educated, they become powerful advocates for change, breaking the cycle of poverty and contributing to a more just and equitable world.

“Today, I stand with girls everywhere and pledge to support their rights, dreams, and aspirations. Let us work together to create a society where every girl-child can thrive, make her voice heard, and become a catalyst for positive change.

Happy International Day Of The Girl-Child!” he added.




Sharon Eboesomi

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