Refrain from advert placements in honour of my birthday – Speaker

Sharon EboesomiSeptember 29, 20231 min

The Speaker urged that all funds meant to commemorate his birthday be used for charity.


The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas, (APC, Kaduna), has asked that no one should place adverts or organise any social event to commemorate his forthcoming birthday.

The Speaker took to his X account late Thursday, to make the call, while stressing on the country’s current challenges and the need to ensure that the country’s limited funds are judiciously used.

The statement read, “Call to Refrain from Adverts’ Placements, Other Activities in honour of my Birthday.

I kindly request that those planning to place congratulatory adverts on the pages of newspapers, TV stations, or any other paid platform(s) for my birthday on the 1st of October, should refrain from doing so, in view of the current situation in the country and in line with prudent management of the meager resources at our disposal.”

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He further asked that all funds meant to commemorate his birthday in any way or form, be donated to charity organizations instead.

“Also, those planning to buy gifts, organize receptions, or any form of event to celebrate my birthday are requested to refrain from such. Instead, funds meant for all of the above should be properly channeled for charity.

Once again, I appreciate everyone for their well wishes and prayers at this moment,” he added.




Sharon Eboesomi

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