Akpabio seeks unity among Senators to provide good governance

Kauthar KhaleelSeptember 26, 20232 min

Senator Akpabio encouraged senators to put the interest of Nigeria first, uphold the principles of democracy in all engagements, and processes, and work towards a more secure, prosperous and united Nigeria.

The President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio, has pleaded with his colleagues to set aside personal differences and work together to provide good governance in the interest of Nigerians.

Senator Akpabio made the plea in an address welcoming the lawmakers back from their annual recess on Tuesday.

He insisted that the challenges the country faced can only be solved when there is unity, cooperation, and commitment among lawmakers.

Recall that the media has been awash with speculations that some aggrieved senators are allegedly plotting to remove the senate president.

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However, the chairman, Committee on Media, Senator Yemi Adaramodu, dismissed it as rumors.

Akpabio, while imploring his colleagues, emphasised that the common purpose was to advance the well-being of the Nigerian people.

“In the face of rising poverty, insecurity, and public demands for good governance, it is important that we set aside personal differences and work together with renewed patriotism and dedication to nationhood.

“The challenges before us require unity, cooperation and steadfast commitment to addressing the issues that affect the lives of all Nigerian citizens, mindful of the fact that the responsibilities we bear are weighty, and that our decisions impact the lives and livelihoods of countless Nigerians.

“To that end, I call on us all to commit our efforts and actions solely to the advancement of our dear country, Nigeria, by demonstrating against all odds and sentiments, that we are resolute in our determination to surmounting the challenges that has limited our progress and prosperity in the past years. Be mindful that our constituents look to us for leadership and hope, and we must not falter in our responsibilities to them.”

Akpabio further urged them to prioritise the interests of the nation by upholding democratic principles in all engagements and processes.

“Lastly, I encourage us all to put the interest of our great nation first, by upholding the principles of democracy in all engagements, processes and procedures and working diligently towards a more secure, prosperous and united Nigeria.”

Kauthar Khaleel

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