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Op-ed EditorSeptember 7, 20232 min

The IPU and IPEN Global Webinar termed the ‘Public Engagement Hub Seminar,’ is in a bid to assess how parliaments globally are enabling people to connect with and participate in the law-making, policy formulation and oversight processes that impact their lives now and into the future.






Seminar on Public Petitions: Case studies from Nigeria

Date and Time: Wednesday 4 October; 09:00–10:00 GMT+1 / UK time; 10:00–11:00 CET

Speakers: Hon Uzoma Nkem-Abonta (Chair, Nigerian House of Representatives Committee on Public Petitions, 2015–2019); Oke Epia (Founder and Executive Director of OrderPaper, Nigeria)

Chair: Professor Cristina Leston-Bandeira (University of Leeds and Chair of IPEN)

Registration: This seminar takes place on Zoom, and registration is required. Please register via the link below.

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Details: This Public Engagement Hub seminar, jointly organised by the IPU and IPEN, will focus on public petitions. Through an in-conversation format, it will address the processes and challenges arising from petitions submitted to the lower chamber of Nigeria’s national legislature.

We will hear from Hon Nkem-Abonta, a four-term member of the House of Representatives (2007–2019) and chair of the House Standing Committee on Public Petitions (2015–2019), about efforts made by his team to enhance and institutionalise public petitions in the context of Nigeria’s emerging legislature. Hon Nkem-Abonta will highlight the challenges in the process and how they worked with civil society, in particular, towards strengthening the process.

From a civil society perspective, we will also hear from a significant voice in Nigeria’s civic space, Oke Epia, about initiatives to promote public engagement with parliament through the instrumentality of the petition process.

This event will be presented in English. Translation will be available from/to French and Spanish.

Registration is required to attend the seminar (via this link).

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