Reps commence probe of Great Green Wall Project

Gaddafi IbrahimAugust 31, 20232 min

The Speaker said the hearing is to investigate all funds received from International organizations and Donor agencies since 2015, for the Great Green Wall project., expose corruption, and ensure the implementation of the project.


The House of Representatives ad-hoc committee investigating funds accrued to the Great Green Wall project from 2015 to date, has begun its assignment, with the Inaugural sitting held on Wednesday, in Abuja.

Declaring the event open, Speaker of the House, Rep. Tajudeen Abbas, said the objective of the investigative hearing is to gather data to ensure the project is optimally implemented, as well as identify challenges affecting its execution.

The Speaker added that the probe is also aimed at exposing corruption and guiding the new administration in the continued implementation of the policy.

“The mandate of the ad-hoc set up for the investigation is to investigate all funds received from International organizations and Donor agencies from 2015 to date, All budgetary and other Federal allocations to the National Agency for the Great Green Wall from 2015 to date.

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“The utilization of ecological funds released to the Great Green Wall by the international organizations. All contracts awarded to various contractors for the project from 2015 to date; the total sum received through the policy and the level of compliance with the goals and objectives of the projects,” he said.

In his remarks, the chairman of the ad-hoc committee, Rep. Isma’ila Dabo, explained that the recent upsurge in natural environmental challenges, despite funds invested into the Great Green Wall program from both the federal government and international partners, prompted the investigation.

Dabo also expressed concern over the refusal by some Ministries, Departments, and Agencies of the Federal Government, as well as several State Governments, to respond to the committee’s request to submit necessary documents required, or deliberate to prevent the panel from carrying out its mandate.

“As a committee, our assignment is to investigate and make appropriate recommendations to the House for a resolution, and we will do just that.

“This hearing is to provide fair hearings to all parties, and for all issues affecting the successful implementation of the project to be brought to the table.

“After this hearing, we shall embark on, an on-the-spot assessment tour to all the projects executed under this scheme to ascertain the claims.

“The Ad-hoc committee is resolute in undertaking this assignment in the interest of all Nigerians. We are not here to scandalize any individual or organization but only to ensure that public funds are utilized for the purpose they are meant for”. Dabo stated.


Gaddafi Ibrahim

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