NASS Complex Renovation: Contractor reacts to report of roof leakages

Sharon EboesomiJuly 14, 20232 min

Owing to the deterioration of the complex over time, the Ninth National Assembly allocated N30 billion to the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) in the 2021 fiscal year for comprehensive renovation.


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The construction firm handling the renovation of the National Assembly Complex, Visible Construction Limited, has assured users of the complex of the stoppage of leakages soon.

In response to an allegation by a section of the media about rain leakages at several spots in the White House Wing of the National Complex last week, the Project Engineer, Tajudeen Olanipekun, noted that the firm was on top of the situation as specialised chemicals for the affected expansion joints will soon be applied.

According to Olanipekun: “All the roofs of the complex, including those of the White House and nearby buildings, have been carefully inspected for the presence of expansion joints that need to be sealed with water-tight chemicals to avoid any leaks.

The report on roof leakage in the National Assembly to us at Visible Construction is like marking the script of a student still writing his or her examination.


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“Renovation work on the entire complex is still being carried out by us. It is when we have finished the work that report on roof leakage can be written which to us, would never happen as the problem, would be thing of the past by the time it is handed over to FCDA that gave us the job.

There should be no cause for alarm from any quarters as regards the project since Engineers from FCDA are also with us.

Containers of State of the Art furniture to be fixed at both Chambers of the Senate and the House of Representatives have landed from America along with expatriates who would do the job and make the two Chambers among the best in the world,” Olanipekun said.

The temporary Chambers for both the Senate and the House of Representatives were provided by Visible Construction.


Sharon Eboesomi

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