Boundary Dispute: Reps seek swift action to prevent Nigeria from losing territory

Elizabeth AtimeJuly 14, 20234 min

The House had constituted the Committee to investigate and assess the case of potential land encroachment by the Camerounian Government and to ensure a thorough understanding of the security implication of the dispute




The House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee on International Boundary Dispute between Nigeria and Cameroun on Thursday, urged relevant authorities to act swiftly towards preventing the loss of another Cross River State territory to Cameroun as in the case of Bakassi.

The lawmakers noted that Danare and Biajua communities, which stand at about 7,000 to 10,000 hectares of land in the Boki Area of Cross River State, risk being lost to Cameroon. The Ad-hoc Committee was constituted following a motion sponsored by lawmakers from the state last week.


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In presenting the motion, Rep. Victor Abang (APC, Cross River) cited the inability to locate pillar 113A by the technical committee of the Cameroon- Nigeria Mixed Commission as the reason for the quagmire.

Chairman of the Ad-hoc Committee, Rep. Beni Lar (PDP, Plateau), who addressed reporters on Thursday, said the Committee was deeply concerned about the potential loss of a significant landmass and Nigerian citizens residing within it to the Cameroon Republic.

Following the previous loss of the Bakassi Peninsula, Lar said, this alarming possibility underscores the urgent need for immediate action to outline the correct border stretch between the two countries.

While urging all stakeholders to coordinate a swift resolution of the dispute in order to prevent Loss of Land and Citizens to the Republic of Cameroon, Lar said the committee recognized the gravity of the situation and the profound implications it holds for Nigeria’s territorial integrity and the welfare of its citizens.



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She said a swift resolution is imperative to prevent history from repeating itself and to protect the rights and interests of Nigerians living in the affected areas.

“The Committee wishes to express its appreciation and commendation for the relentless efforts of the following organizations and individuals who have worked tirelessly to ensure Nigeria is not short-changed in the border dispute:

Lar commended the Office of the National Security Adviser (NSA), National Boundary Commission, Office of the Surveyor General, Office of the Attorney General, The Nigerian Armed Forces, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs and the Governor of Cross River State for their relentless efforts to ensure Nigeria is not short-changed in the border dispute.



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“The Ad-hoc Committee on the Nigeria-Cameroon Border Dispute is urging all relevant stakeholders, both national and international, to lend their support and facilitate the amicable resolution process. Constructive dialogue, negotiation, and cooperation are essential to reaching a fair and just solution that respects historical, cultural, and social ties while protecting the rights of Nigerian citizens.

“The committee also calls upon Nigerian citizens, civil society organizations, and stakeholders to remain calm, patient, trusting the efforts of those charged legally to protect the Fatherland, as well as be supportive throughout this critical period. Unity and collaboration are crucial to achieving a favourable outcome that preserves Nigeria’s territorial integrity and upholds the rights of its citizens.

“Once again, the Ad-Hoc Committee on the Nigeria-Cameroon Border Dispute remains committed to a peaceful and amicable resolution, guided by international law and the principles of justice, fairness and equity. It is confident that with the collective efforts of all parties involved,” Lar assured.

Elizabeth Atime

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