How Newbie Rep was shown the way out of Green Chamber

Elizabeth AtimeJuly 12, 20231 min

The House Rules prescribe a dress code for members attending plenary in the Chamber, with Members expected to wear a suit and tie or in traditional dress with a cap to match. 


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Confusion showed up on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday as a yet-to-be-identified lawmaker was shown the way out for dressing inappropriately to plenary.

Rep Billy Osawaru (APC, Edo) had raised the alarm, just as he drew the attention of his colleagues to the mode of dressing, which he said contravened the dress code for members of the House.

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The lawmaker in question was sighted in a red-faded sporty tee-shirt with casual slippers and brown-coloured chinos trousers.

While his identity is yet to be ascertained, it is noteworthy that the said lawmaker was not just inappropriately dressed for plenary, but came into the Chamber two hours into the plenary session this Wednesday.


Elizabeth Atime

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