Parliament Meme: National Assembly and oversight of the Labour, Employment Ministry

Olamilekan Quadri AlimiMay 2, 20234 min

The National Assembly is constitutionally vested with several functions, prominent among which are lawmaking, representation, oversight and a host of others. Most oversight activities of the National Assembly are thus done through the Committees.  

The Committees are populated by Distinguished Senators and Honourable Members of both Chambers based on professionalism and vast experiences in life.  This week, our Parliament Meme is an exposition on the Committees on Labour, Employment and Productivity in the National Assembly. 

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The Standing Orders of the Senate and House of Representatives make provision for the inauguration of various committees to perform oversight on various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of government.

These Committees include those on Labour, Employment and Productivity in both chambers of the National Assembly constituted  at the commencement of the life of the new National Assembly.



Membership of any Committee in the Senate comprises at least seven lawmakers and not more than 20 Members.

The jurisdiction of the Committee on Employment, Labour and Productivity in the Senate includes All matters relating to trade unions and labour generally, conditions of employment, social security and other cognate issues.


Other areas covered by the Committee include Industrial Relations, Workman’s Compensation, Factory inspection, Trade testing and Labour Safety.

Issues of Health, Welfare and Education, Cooperative education and training, National productivity improvement, Cooperative societies, National Provident Fund and Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Industrial safety regulations and Annual budget estimates also fall under its jurisdiction.



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The Committee on Labour, Employment and Productivity in the House of Representatives is constituted at the commencement of the life of the House. It consists of not more than 40 Members of the House of Representatives.



The Committee’s jurisdiction covers areas such as Annual Budget Estimates, Wages and Salaries, cooperative societies, and factory inspection.

It also performs oversight over the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), the Ministry responsible for Labour, Employment and Productivity and its Parastatals, save those assigned to other Committees.




Parliament Meme is a public service programme by OrderPaper Nigeria designed to break down the esoteric terminologies of the legislature and how the institution of parliament generally functions.


Olamilekan Quadri Alimi

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