Parliament Meme: Election for President of the Nigerian Senate [Part II]

Olamilekan Quadri Alimi1 month ago4 min

As the inauguration of the 10th National Assembly draws closer, attention remains focused on the next President of the Senate. However, how well do you know the processes and procedures that would usher in the next Senate Presiding Officers?

Check out our concluding part of the Parliament Meme series on the subject.


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Voting is done via a secret ballot which is conducted by the Clerks-at-Table using the list of the Senators-Elect of the Chamber. Each Senator-elect is given a ballot paper to cast his/her vote for their preferred candidate, with the proposers and seconders as Teller.


The Clerk of the Senate counts the votes cast and submits the final result to the Clerk to the National Assembly. The Senator-elect who received the highest number of votes is declared the President-Elect of the Senate.


During the election, debates and question(s) of privilege are not entertained. All Senators-elect are also entitled to participate in the voting for President of the Senate and Deputy President of the Senate.


The President of the Senate and Deputy President-elect of the Senate submit their assets and liabilities declaration and acknowledgement receipt and subsequently proceed to take the Oath. They take and subscribe to the Oath of Allegiance and Oath of Membership as prescribed in the Constitution before the Clerk to the National Assembly.


Having been sworn in, he/she returns his acknowledgement to the Senate for the honour conferred upon him. He/She thereupon proceed to sit in the Chair, and the Mace (which hitherto lay on the lower bracket) shall be laid on the upper bracket of the Table.



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  • The procedure for electing the President and Deputy President of the Senate shall be the same.

    Where there are two or more candidates: 
  • A Senator-elect can withdraw his or her candidacy at any time after the result of the first voting is declared but before the commencement of a second or subsequent voting. 
  • In this case, the voting process shall continue as if such Senator-elect had never been nominated. 
  • Whenever at any stage a withdrawal leaves only one candidate remaining, such a candidate shall, without further voting, be declared the winner of the election and as President-elect of the Senate. 
  • Every Senator-elect shall submit their Certificates of Return, Assets and Liabilities Declaration as well as Acknowledgement Receipt to the President of the Senate before taking his/her seat.

Olamilekan Quadri Alimi

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