10TH NASS: Composition of the Nigerian Senate | Parties, Ex-Governors and Deputies

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At the dawn of each day, the inauguration of the 10th National Assembly draws closer. However, with the supplementary elections now over, OrderPaper highlights the composition of the 10th Senate


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Following the conclusion of the February 25 National Assembly Elections and the April 15 Supplementary Elections, the attention of political watchers and, indeed, the citizenry is beginning to shift towards the Tenth National Assembly.

While the inauguration of the new Assembly will take place in June 2023, most Nigerians are deeply interested in the outlook of the federal parliament, considering especially the factors that influenced the outcome of the general elections. These factors include the effect of the new Electoral Act, which saw to a high turnover in the National Assembly, the emergence of a third force movement in the youth-backed Labour Party (LP), the rejuvenated New Nigeria Peoples’ Party (NNPP) amongst other key issues.

However, data from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) reveals that the next Assembly at its inauguration will go down as one of the most diverse in terms of political party representation, with no less than seven parties holding seats in parliament. In underscoring the low points of the Assembly, though, the point about poor women’s representation, zero representation for People With Disabilities (PWDs) and a not-so-remarkable performance of the youth population at the elections can hardly be overlooked.

In this series on the composition of both chambers of the Tenth National Assembly, we commence this part with data around party, gender, youth, PWD and age distribution in the incoming Senate.

See the stats below:

(i) Senate Seats –  109
(ii) Political Parties – 7
(iii) Male Senators –106
(iv) Female Senators – 3
(v) Youth – 0
(v) PWDs – 0
(vi) Oldest Senator – 72
(vii) Youngest Senator – 37


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Majority Caucus:
(i) The All Progressives Congress (APC) –59 seats

Minority Caucus:
(i) Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) – 36 seats
(ii) Labour Party (LP) – 8 seats
(iii) New Nigeria Peoples’ Party (NNPP) – 2 seats
(iv) Social Democratic Party (SDP) – 2 seats
(v) All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) – 1 seat
(v) Young Progressives Congress (YPP)1 seat


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Total Number (9th National Assembly): 16 (17.44%)

(i) APC – 9 Ex-Governors
(ii) PDP – 7 Ex-Governors

Total Number (10th National Assembly): 14 (12.84%)

(i) APC –
10 Ex-Governors
(ii) PDP – 4 Ex-Governors


(i) APC – 1 Ex-Deputy Governor
(ii) APGA
– 1 Ex-Deputy Governor
(ii) PDP – 2  Ex-Deputy Governors


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