Parliament Meme: Special Committees in the Nigerian Senate (Part 1)

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In the National Assembly, members of the Senate are assigned to various Committees for the smooth discharge of legislative duties. This week, on this episode of Parliament Meme, we commence a series on Special Committees in the Nigerian Senate



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Within the first fourteen legislative days following the first sitting of the Senate, the membership of the following Special Committees shall be appointed:

  • Committee of Selection
  • Committee on Rules and Business
  • Senate Services Committee
  • Committee on Ethics: Code of Conduct and Public Petitions
  • Public Accounts Committee
  • Committee on National Security and Intelligence
  • Committee on Legislative Compliance
  • Committee on Media and Public Affairs



A Committee known as the Committee of Selection is appointed at the commencement of the life of the Senate to perform functions allocated to it by the Senate rules, and other matters as may from time to time be referred to it.



The President of the Senate is Chairman of the Committee of Selection and in his absence, the Deputy President of the Senate.



The Committee on Selection shall consist of: 

  • The President of the Senate
  • The Deputy President of the Senate
  • The Senate Majority Leader
  • The Chief Whip 
  • The Deputy Majority Leader
  • The Deputy Chief Whip
  • The Minority Leader
  • The Deputy Minority Leader
  • The Minority Whip and,
  • The Deputy Minority Whip


Functions of the Committee includes:

  • Nominating Senators to serve on Committees to consider any special matters brought before the Senate;
  • Such Senators may be going on Parliamentary Delegation other than Committees.



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