Parliament Meme: Committee Membership in the Senate

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Parliament Meme this week is focused on the subject of Committee Membership in the Nigerian Senate. Here’s all you need to know about its composition, appointment of members into committees and selection of its leadership









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The membership of all Committees shall not be less than seven (7) Senators and not more than twenty (20) Senators

No Senator is allowed to serve in more than seven (7) Committees

The President of the Senate nominates members of Committees in consultation with the Selection Committee in accordance with the numerical strength of the parties in the Senate.


The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and members of a Standing or a Special Committee shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Selection Committee in consultation with the Selection Committee subject to the approval of the Senate.



All Committee appointments are subject to periodic reviews No member of the Committee of Selection is allowed to be a Committee Chairman.


Any Senator appointed to a Standing Committee can at any time afterwards, be discharged by Order of the Senate from attending the Committee. Another Senator is thereafter nominated by the President of the Senate from the party to which the discharged Senator belongs.

A temporary substitution in the membership of a Standing Committee can  be made; provided a notification signed by the Chief Whip, or a Senator acting as the Whip of the party of the member, is filed with the President and the Clerk of the Senate However, this has to be done either before, or 30 minutes into a Committee meeting.


If the place of a Committee member becomes vacant, there shall be in his place another member nominated by the party with the approval of the Senate.




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