National Assembly Meme: Duties of the Clerk of the Senate

On #MondayMeme this week, we bring you an exposition on the 'Duties of the Clerk of the Senate.'
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There is a long list of officers who perform various duties in the Red Chamber. However, not much is known to the public about the duties of the Senate’s Management Staff, who play significant roles in proceedings at the Red Chamber.

On #MondayMeme this week, we bring you an exposition on the ‘Duties of the Clerk of the Senate.’ Want to know what his/her duties are?


  • At the Senate’s inaugural session, the Clerk (on behalf of the Clerk to the National Assembly) takes a roll call of the Senators-elect by State (in alphabetical order).
  • This is done pending the election of a President of the Senate and a Deputy President of the Senate.



  • At the opening of each day’s proceedings, the Clerk distributes a copy of the Order Paper to the Senators, setting forth the business of the day.
  • The Clerk keeps minutes of all proceedings of the Senate and of Committees of the Whole.
  • These Votes of Proceedings is signed by the President of the Senate after confirmation and circulated on the day following each sitting or as soon as possible.
  • Where there is a ‘division of the Senate’ or Committee of the Whole Senate, the Votes and Proceedings include the numbers voting for and against the question and their names.BOOKKEEPING
  • The Clerk keeps an Order Book showing all business appointed for any day and any notices of motions or amendments that have been set down for a future day or an early day if no specific day has been chosen.
  • The Order Book is open to the inspection of Senators at all reasonable times in the Office of the Clerk or at the Table.
  • He/She is responsible for the custody of the votes, records, bills and other documents laid before the Senate.
  • These records shall be open to the inspection of Senators and other persons under such arrangement as may be sanctioned by the President of the Senate.

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  • The Deputy Clerk will handle the Clerk’s responsibilities in the event of his/her unavoidable absence.
  • During any vacancy in the Office of the Clerk, all of the Clerk’s powers, functions and duties are exercised and performed by the Deputy Clerk.READ ALSO: Throwback Thursday: National Assembly Management and the Compulsory Retirement Saga

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